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Wingshooting at Riverbend 


The trembling energy of a splendid English setter holding point. The sudden rush of frantic feathers as a covey of bobwhite bursts from the broom straw. Later, a cold drink, a warm fireplace and good conversation. For the company building internal morale, the salesman cultivating customer goodwill, or simply the father strengthening a bond with his youngster, it's hard to find a better setting than River Bend. 


River Bend offers a variety of exciting hunting opportunities, but its specialty is in quail, pheasant, chukar or duck. Choose one of their package hunts, or arrange your own. Enjoy your hunt using your own dogs, or hunt behind River Bend's superior dogs and guides. Half and full day hunts are available, as well as custom-tailored packages.


Meet Brian Sullivan

Meet Brian Sullivan, our general manager over all hunting and sporting here at Riverbend. We are BLESSED to have him! 

Brian was born and raised here in the Upstate and has always had a passion for fishing, hunting, and the outdoors. At an early age, Brian developed a love for hunting and training with hound dogs, which lead him to train a number of dogs from hounds, English setters, pointers, and labs for himself and other friends along the way. After highschool, Brian went to Bible college to pursue a career in helping the Church, and spent a number of years speaking in prisons to help spread the gospel of Jesus Christ. While doing this, Brian became a firefighter. His position as a firefighter actually opened the door Brian to get into the world of guiding in Upland and duck hunts. Brian helped establish Toney Creek plantation in Belton, SC, where he worked for 14 years in the hunting and guiding industry. We are so excited to have him with us here at Riverbend as he continues his lifelong love of hunting and the outdoors! 

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