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Shooting Schools

The Paragon School of Sporting

Owned and directed by Dan Schindler, the Paragon School of Sporting is the premiere school in the US, located at River Bend. With U.S. and British credentials, Dan is the author of two popular wingshooting books and his articles appear regularly in Sporting Clays Magazine. Dan and his staff have a complete program to assist and entertain your clients on the sporting clays range at River Bend. 


In a safe, educational environment, Paragon programs provide a particularly gratifying and entertaining experience for the new shooter; and take competitors to the very highest level. Men, women and youngsters in Paragon are successful more often because they are learning how to break targets. 


For the entry-level shooter, Paragon instruction accelerates the learning process by providing step-by-step instruction that is reliable, easy to understand and implement. This is the cornerstone of Paragon's teaching principles. There are no substitutes for the fundamentals and bypassing them only leads to inconsistencies and mediocrity. Learning the basics from a patient and experienced Paragon teacher provides a solid foundation upon which to build more advanced skills in the field and on the sporting course. 


For the intermediate shooter, shooting improvement does not have to be complicated. It requires fewer steps, not more. At Paragon, we simplify your strategies, shooting equations, and equipment selections. Learning to balance technique and trust will deliver that elusive improvement! Advanced competitors know, shooting in competition is different, tougher. You need three, four, maybe just one more target. Though shooting mechanics are evaluated, Paragon focuses on teaching you how to concentrate-and maintain that concentration shot after shot. Emphasis shifts from technique to developing mental skills and tactics. Learning how to control your game is the final step to your ultimate performance. 

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