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Sporting Clays

Sporting Clays is a sport that offers the thrill of game hunting without the kill. Clay targets are thrown at varying speeds, angles and heights to simulate the path of hunting game. At River Bend, shooters find out why Sporting Clays is the nation's fastest growing shooting sport. 


River Bend's fully automated sporting clays course makes shotgun shooting an enjoyable experience. Shooters can now come in to the lodge and within minutes be on their way out to the course. Sporting Clay's electric carts are also available to rent. It is even possible for shooters to shoot and practice solo. The control allows you to set a delay of up to ten seconds so you can push the button and have plenty of time to prepare for the target. 


Any individual interested in wing or clays shooting instruction will benefit from lessons at River Bend by Dan Schindler, owner of the Paragon School of Sporting. Dan, one of the best wingshooting and clays instructors in the U.S., was recently filmed at River Bend for The Outdoor Channel TV show "Shooting Gallery."

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